Medicare Mondays

Overwhelmed with keeping up with Medicare changes? Do you have information overload? Are you unsure about which plan is best for you?

Because everyone’s health history and medications are different, the plans that best fit you may be quite different than the plans chosen by your friends and loved ones. Many of us are not comfortable with self-guided, online Medical enrollment. For those who want a local expert, there is North Shore Senior Healthcare.

Meet your local expert, Bill Bullen at Medicare Mondays

Or better yet, give Bill a call to schedule an appointment. He will personally make sure you have the best Medicare insurance for your specific needs. His services to you are no cost; the carriers pay him.

What We Do

North Shore Senior Healthcare is a Medicare insurance agency serving beneficiaries living on the North Shore of Massachusetts. The company is licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts; contracted, certified and appointed by many Medicare insurance carriers with a broad set of solutions for all beneficiaries. Bill Bullen is the principal and a Medicare licensed insurance agent with the compassion, the knowledge and skill to help reduce the hassle of Medicare insurance.

Join Us At Medicare Mondays Or Contact Bill Bullen Today